Security Vitals

Crafting a Complete Design Solution

Website Design :  Logo Design :  Business Card Design  :  Presentation Design  :  Print Materials :  Banner Design

Branding and So Much More...

When they reached out to JJ Roth Design for help with their website, Security Vitals was in need of an entire brand refresh. As a startup information security firm, they needed to appeal to corporate executives at every level and their existing materials sent all the wrong messages.

So we not only created a custom website, we created their entire branding package, from their logo to business cards, email signatures, presentation graphics, tradeshow banners, infographics and more.

A Custom Website Solution:

Security Vitals original website was nothing more than static images with text actually incorporated into the image. It was nearly invisible to search engines and not only dated looking, but difficult to view on mobile devices.

JJ Roth Design provided Security Vitals with a custom website solution, tied to their new brand, and designed with a responsive layout that works across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The site is scalable and optimized for their multiple Google campaigns.

Complex Concepts, Clear Designs.

Over the years Security Vitals has come to JJ Roth Design with several requests for infographics that allow them to communicate complex concepts to their customers and partners with high level detail and easy-to-understand graphics. Whatever challenge they’ve thrown our way, we’ve provided them with just the right solution for their needs.

Quality Business Card Designs:

Security Vitals understands the importance of not only making a good first impression, but leaving a lasting impression. So they turned to JJ Roth Design to develop business cards that made a statement and made them stand out from the competition.

Brochures, Flyers and More...

We’ve provided Security Vitals with print and digital brochures for trade shows, meetings, conferences and digital downloads via their website. Each brochure has its own identity while maintaining the overall corporate brand – meaning Security Vitals has a cohesive style without losing unique visual appeal across their materials.